Why The Virtue Way

Virtue was created to foster a community of those bold enough to go against societal pressures and norms. Those who are walking in God's Obedience and push live a virtuous lifestyle. 

For ages as people, we have struggled with being conscious of our actions. We have always hoped after failed attempts to want to do better. The question always remains, how? How do we live a life of virtue? What does it mean to be a virtuous man? What does it mean to be a virtuous woman - especially in today’s societal norms? Many may ask is it even possible? Or should we just say falter and throw in the towel? You have found a home. We have fostered a community to help abstain from societal pressures and keep open dialogue to preserve purity. There is no greater time than now to rise to the occasion to live a life that is pleasing and honorable to God.

In 2020 a few of my friends gathered to discuss the topic of sex and no sex until marriage. After getting such great feedback, we knew that we couldn't leave it there but we needed to keep the conversation going. We created a group where we practiced celibacy and accountability towards this. 

Fast forward, we created a Facebook Group and then came The Virtue Way Podcast. In our 10 episode Season 1, we talked about topics that many are afraid to be open about. With over 10 different guest, The Virtue Way Podcast still impacts those that listen to it. 

We have now introduced the accountability brand aspect of it. We wanted our community to have something tangible and that's why we created the clothing brand. The reason why we call it an accountability brand is so that the community understands that they aren't just wearing merch but they are wearing purpose and when they are wearing GHO they know that if they are walking in their calling that GOD is honoring their obedience. And if the women are rocking their Proverbs 31 shirts, they will walk in that and act as such. We have taken the time to get the best coaching by Marlon and Nick from WrldInVsn and we've done that to ensure we can become the best brand possible. 

We are so happy to be able to continue sharing the mission with everyone and we know that people are being tremendously blessed by it. Be sure to follow us on IG and TikTok @thevirtueway and join our Facebook Group "Virtue."